Many mothers will encounter such situations. When breastfeeding a baby in teething stage, he/she will suddenly hurtly bites you.How to Nursing a Teething Baby ?

How to Nursing a Teething BabyMost of the babies have quietly erupted from the beginning of 6 months. The gums are swollen and itchy during teeth growthing. The baby likes to relieve discomfort by biting things. The breasts of breast-feeding mothers are easily licked.

How to Avoid Nipple Bitten

1, Find a Quiet Corner for Breastfeeding

The baby at this stage is easily attracted by the outside world. It is better to find a quiet corner when feeding. Which can prevent the baby from being attracted to the external environment and suddenly turn around to pull the nipple.

2, Breastfeeding Posture is Critical

Mother is very likely to be bitten by the baby due to improper posture. When the baby is half full, the mother should pay attention to the baby: If the baby releases the mouth slightly and slides in the direction of the nipple, it is necessary to change the baby’s posture in time.

3, Avoiding Sleeping and Breastfeeding

When you feel that your baby may bite your breasts, mom should put your index finger into your baby’s mouth as soon as possible. It is better not let the baby sleep with nipple, in case that the baby bite nipple during sleeping.

What To Do if Nipple be Bitten

1. Maintain Emotional Calmness

If it’s the first time to be biten, please keep calm, don’t yell at the baby, don’t rush out the nipple, take a deep breath and let the baby loose.

2, Avoid Pulling Hard

You can press your baby’s chin by hand, or lick your baby’s head to the breast. Wait for him to pull out the nipple after opening the mouth. Do not pull it out too soon to avoid nipple injured.

3, Seriously Correct the Baby

You can tell your baby seriously: you can’t bite your mother’s nipples. In addition, when mom’s nipple get bitten, gently licked the baby’s head to the breast, blocking his nose, and the baby will instinctively release the mouth. After serveral times, the baby will understand that biting the nipple will cause the mother uncomfortable and he/she will automatically stop biting.

4, Change Other Side for Breast Feeding

If the nipple is bitten by the baby, you can feed the baby with the other breast. Applying the damaged nipple to the sheep’s fat which can help the wound heal as soon as possible.
When breastfeeding encounters a long tooth, being bitten by the baby is an inevitable one. It is recommended to give more starchy foods to the baby with long teeth, such as finger biscuits, rusks, baked taro slices, grinded cakes or sticks, etc., so that the baby can take it to eat, which can promote the eruption of the deciduous teeth.