Is the tooth fairy a boy or a girl? What does Tooth fairy looks like?
That’s a question i never thought before. When the child changes his teeth at the age of five or six, the parents will tell the story of the tooth fairy. The child will be happy and patiently put his teeth under the pillow, waiting for the arrival of the tooth fairy. The imagination of this day is not only for the child’s innocence, but also enriches our life, making it more brilliant and infectious. Is she a beautiful fairy, or a bad old witch?
Is the Tooth Fairy A Boy or A Girl
Let us first tell the story of a pair of brothers and sisters to lead the legend of the tooth fairy. Once upon a time there was a brother and sister, brother was Charlie and my sister was Lola. Rolla is six years old. One day, Rolla’s teeth were start loose. She felt itchy and a little uncomfortable. She always wanted to take a lick. Rollaa felt very upset and worried, but her friends lulu shared a good news for her. Lulu put a tooth she had recently dropped under the pillow and got the coin that the tooth fairy gave it. Then Lulu bought a group of chickens and played with the chicken every day. Upon hearing this news, Rolla is also looking forward to getting a coin, she wants to buy a rabbit.
Finally, One of her tooth falls when she was eating pears. Rolla washed her teeth quietly, wrapped them in a pocket with a white handkerchief, and prepared to sleep under the house pillow, waiting for the tooth fairy to check. The teeth were gone at night,however there is nothing coin left. Lola was sad. Her brother told Lola to grin when he slept, so the tooth fairy able to her lose her teeth, and naturally give the coins. Rolla received the coins finally and bought the duckling. She also wanted a little goat, so she began to check if her other teeth were shaking .

The tooth fairy will give the coin every time, and where is the tooth fairy? Is tooth fairy a girl ?  Yes.
A long time ago, the fairy of the fairy kingdom was a beautiful woman. She especially loved to dress herself. She is longed for the most beautiful necklace in the world. The fairy thinks that the cockroaches on the teeth of children are the most precious things, so the queen wants to have a necklace made of children’s teeth. She ordered all the tooth fairy to look around for the teeth that the children fell when they changed their teeth. In order to let the children around the world know about this, she ordered the dream fairy to inform them when the children were dreaming, and put their unwanted teeth under the pillow so that the tooth fairy could take it away. The tooth fairy will turn the useless pulp into coins and give them to the children as a reward for them. So every night, a fairy like a small butterfly will fly from the window into the room where the child of the tooth sleeps. Take the tooth from under the child’s pillow and leave him a coin of one pound.
This is the story of the tooth fairy.