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Baby Month by Month Blocks | Baby Milestone Blocks


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  • 3+1 BLOCKS: 2 Square Number Blocks [2.5″*2.5″*2.5″] + 1 Square Number & Words Combination Blocks[2.5″*2.5″*2.5″] +1 Rectangle Blocks[2.5″*2.5″*7.5″] .Capable of making number combinations from 1-52 Weeks, 0-365 Days,1-12 Months.
  • QUALITY SOLID WOOD : Made of Solid Pine Wood for long time ,recyclable used without deformation like cardboard.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & SAFETY PAINTING. SGS PASSED Painting to ebsure safety for children. So you have no worry to to choose.
  • MULTIPLE USE PURPOSES: For Memory keepsake Photoes, Baby Shower Gift [Gender Netural Design + Unique Gift Package ] / BIrthday Gift . Ect.
  • POSE & CLICK & SHARE: Please let us proud by sharing your photo with us #PAMBO.
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PAMBO-LogoWe Are A Family Team With Misson of helping Early Childhood Education.

The original intention to found PAMBO was that too many families could not get good Early Childhood Education for economic conditions and which lead to many social problems. As a new Parents, we want to build a better world for our Upcoming child. That motivates us to do something. That’s why we keep donating a portion of our income to the Children’s Education Association.

Our main product line is Baby Gift / Baby Milestone stuffs. We wish to bring PAMBO Happiness Gifts to all families one day.

PAMBO 365 DAYS Baby Month Blocks – Solid Wood + Fine Printing

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Your little one is growing so fast so that they are changing month to month.The memory of their growth stage is priceless. PAMBO month block is a amazing way to keep the moment of pregnancy,newborn even senior younger than 66 Years old. PAMBO milestone blocks are also a big surprise for baby shower or baby registry.

Package Includes:

  • 4 Blocks in all
  • 1 *Milestone Blocks(Days,Weeks,Months,Years,Week,Month) ; Dimention:[2.5*2.5*7.5inch] 6*6*18cm
  • 1* Number & Milestone Combination Blocks(6,7,8,9,Day,Year);Dimension:[2.5*2.5*2.5inch]6*6*6cm
  • 2* Number Blocks(0,1,2,3,4,5);Dimension 6*6*6cm[2.5*2.5*2.5inch]6*6*6cm

Frequent Asked Questions:

  • Q1: Why PAMBO have 4Pcs blocks,i see others have 3 only ?
  • A1: Different from others,PAMBO added one more number blocks to make sure you can capture any wonderful moment .[ If baby first say mom at 44 months, you will so disappointed if you cant find a 44 month blocks,We will never let it happen.]
  • Q2: Why will you use Solid Wood not Card Board?
  • A2: First, We are natural material Fans. Seconds, Cheap Cardboard Material will deformed and can’t repeated used.
  • Q3: Do you come with Gift Packages ?
  • A3: Yes,We know you need it as gift for Baby Shower, friends, kids, nephew. We’re fully prepared.

A Must for Baby Milestone Photo Taking

  • The age blocks are designed for parents to capture the kids growth moment.
  • Matte Design to avoid annoying reflective as much as possible.
  • Safety Passed Painting to make sure the safety.

Gender Neutral Block Design

  • If you dont know the gender of the baby, simply choose PAMBO Gender Neutral milestone blocks.
  • If you have more than 1 kids [No matter boys or girls],1 Set is enough.


  • If you are looking for a gift for baby shower party, here it is. PAMBO provide a beautiful Gift Package just in case you need use it for gift.


  • Since it is made of solid wood and Recyclable,you can show your mercy by giving /donating it to others if you dont need it.
  • Kids can play it as toy blocks as well.

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  1. MC Laquin

    It’s big enough to look good on picture, we can use it as a toys as well and she can learn the numbers too….. so it’s a smart choice to buy this ….you can use as decoration on baby’s room too…..milestone block for baby girl

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