What does the tooth fairy do with the teeth ? Why does the tooth fairy need teeth ? A lot people have such questions.

We all know that the tooth fairy is not exist. But technically to say, if there is someone take all those tooth, what she will do ? lets do some math.

Each kids will drop around 20 milk teeth in total.

There is around 140 million newborns in 2018

20*140 million = 2.8 billion teeth in total for one years.

I don’t really think anyone in this world will have such big place for this amount of tooth.


This is almost same with the questions is tooth fair box or girls ? There is no answer.

But if kids ask you that, you have to say something. I will tell my kids that tooth is the money for tooth fairy and she is actually changing money from you.

“She takes your teeth(money) and gives you coin(money). that’s barter.” My son.