It is easy to understand that newborn baby usually have relatively higher temperature and humidity requirements than adult. The idea temperature for baby’s room should be 73.4°F-78.8°F【23°C – 26°C】in Summer and 66°F-70°F【19°C – 21°C】in Winter.

There is no need to adjust the infant room temperature in spring or autumn. The natural average temperature is almost right with the requirements. The windows can stay opened for long time in spring, summer and autumn, but convection should be avoided. In the winter, You can only open the window for a short time. But when opening the window, mom should take the baby to another room. After the ventilation is finished, bring the baby back to the bedroom after temperature rising to proper.

Whats the ideal humidity for baby’s room ? 

Room Humidity is a very important factor for baby’s respiratory helalth. The right humidity for baby’s room is 45%-70%.
For those who live in dry areas, it is necessary to take certain measures to achieve a certain humidity, such as using a humidifier. If the humidity is too low, the baby’s respiratory mucosa will dry and the mucosal defense function will be reduced. The cilia function of the respiratory tract will be damaged as well if so. This will inevitably reduce the baby’s resistance to bacteria and viruses and cause respiratory infections.
Final Conclusion :
Among all pediatric diseases, the highest incidence may be respiratory diseases, and whether temperature and humidity are appropriate is one of the important factors affecting the incidence of respiratory diseases. To this end, Mom and Dad should have a prevention-oriented philosophy, starting from the temperature and humidity of the baby’s living environment.