Why Should You Keep Baby Teeth ?Experts say that it is possible to Save lives at a critical time.

why should you keep baby teeth
The deciduous teeth are the first pair of teeth that are born by humans. They are an important part of children’s chewing organs. Each People have two pair of teeth in their lifetime,10 pcs on upper jaws and 10 pcs on lower jaws.
“A father has paid almost £1,000 for his daughter’s milk tooth to be frozen to preserve stem cells which he believes could save her life.” by BBC NEWS.

Stem Cells of Milk Tooth has been mentioned in the news.And some experts openly recommend that parents should store their deciduous teeth for their children.The deciduous teeth contain a stem cell that plays an important role in the proliferation of bones, nerves and tissues. This stem cell can treat many diseases.According to scientists。
Stem cells in children’s deciduous teeth are the most versatile, and they proliferate faster than other stem cells. Some of them even saying its more versatile than umbilical cords [Less Controversial].
No matter which way is the best, we do have a very good reason to store baby’s teeth, isnt it ?

What Will be the cost for Teeth Storage ?

The storage of deciduous teeth is not cheap and generally Costs $77 a Month. They usually keep the deciduous teeth in liquid nitrogen and the deciduous teeth can still be used even after many years of storage.
why should you keep baby teeth
With the advancement of medical care, there are more and more cases of storing deciduous teeth. Storing deciduous teeth requires a professional place rather than simply placing it in the refrigerator. If you really want to keep the stem cells inside your teeth, you have to do this – when the deciduous teeth are crumbling, you have to go to a professional dental body to remove the teeth and use professional storage methods to preserve the useful deciduous teeth.

The Other Choices

If you don’t plan to save your baby’s teeth, Keep them in a tooth keepsake box is also a good choice.